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September 10, 2016  Fundraiser Launch


Nov 12, 2016  Wealth Literacy Expo





Wealth Literacy for the World™


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Wealth Literacy Can Change Your Life!


  • • Do money concerns ever keep you up at night?

  • • Do you have fears around your ability to make positive changes in your personal goals and future?

  • • Do you struggle making a monthly budget and keeping it?

  • • Are you concerned that your children aren’t being taught lessons that will teach them to be financially responsible adults?

If you answered YES to any of the above, be empowered by Wealth Literacy:


  • • Youth and adults learn the tools to choose and create financial freedom

  • • Understand the words, concepts and principles behind financial freedom

  • • Develop a “possibility mindset” for achieving personal goals and well-being

  • • Begin now to create positive changes in your life



Well-being is Wealth

The Wealth Club® promotes wealth literacy as a life-long journey. Our unique, interactive curriculum is designed to encourage youth and young adults to understand that physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial well being all contribute to ones actual and ultimate sense of wealth.

Our key underlying principle is that wealth is based upon overall well-being. We believe that the concept of wealth is both tangible as well as intangible. Therefore, the program content of all of The Wealth Club® programs focuses on such intangible elements as belief systems; core personal values; responsibilities to family and community; as well as tangible elements such as wealth acquisition represented by money, stocks, real estate, etc.

Youth participants in Rising Sun's Wealth Club programs receive the content of three nationally recognized curricula: Positive Action, National Endowment For Financial Education and Creative Wealth International. The combination of these three curricula coupled with Rising Sun's use of accelerated and culturally sensitive learning techniques form the basis for the Wealth Club Comprehensive Program.

Rising Sun Programs® is a non-profit organization committed to being a catalyst and instrument of change in the lives of youth and young adults. The core belief of Rising Sun is centered in ancient wisdom conveying that:


     •  "Our habitual thoughts create the unfolding circumstances of our lives."


     •  "What you think in your mind, you produce in your life."



Increased Knowledge.

Rising Sun encourages youth to view their lives as a continuous journey. It assists them in the utilization of life skills needed to expand their thinking and awareness, helping them to maximize their potential to become successful, happy, and healthy human beings. The strategies used in all of Rising Suns' workshops are designed to provide practical tools for moving consciously through the challenges and decisions that comprise everyday life.


Interactive Activities.

Critical, practical ideals such as having the courage to try; fairness and kindness; identifying dreams and goals and broadening horizons support the physical, intellectual, social and emotional self. The financial literacy component is designed to plant seeds cultivating essential skills in money management, savings and investments. It lays the ground work and a strong foundation toward financial success for youth and young adults. Youth learn that smart money habits are an essential key to creating financial freedom.


Life-long Practical Skills.

The 'spirit' component of The Wealth Club® explores intrapersonal and interpersonal responsibility, environmental stewardship and tapping into our inner power. When youth are supported with innovative tools and strategies and accelerated learning techniques; they gain both clarity and direction needed for successfully navigating life.


The curricula selected for The Wealth Club® underlie Rising Sun's core belief and principles that positive thoughts lead to positive actions, positive actions lead to positive feelings about yourself, and positive feelings lead to more positive thoughts and actions. The curriculum addresses life's big questions such as Who Am I?; Who Am I Physically & Intellectually?; and, "Who Am I As a Manager of Myself?"


Our middle school student participants will use the highly popular curriculum developed by Creative Wealth International. It can be customized for families, specific group interests and formatted for different time frames. It shows you:


     •  How beliefs and attitudes influence wealth potential


     •  Why money is simply a form of energy


     •  How to manage money effectively when spending, saving, investing and donating


     •  How to make money work for you


     •  How to build financial independence using stocks, business and real estate


     •  Wonderful ways to use money to support family and community



High school students will use the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program. This dynamic curriculum offers:


     •  Your financial plan: Where it all begins


     •  Budgeting: making the most of your money


     •  Investing: making money work for you


     •  Good debt, bad debt: using credit wisely


     •  Your money: keeping it safe and secure


     •  Insurance: protecting what you have


     •  Career: doing what matters most



Rising Sun's creative approach to financial literacy offers many tools and teaches skills needed to reach financial freedom. The program's well-being principles are valuable, holistic and practical. We collaborate with outstanding professionals, from the Washington metropolitan area's financial institutions, who provide supplemental information, instruction and practical applications for achieving financial goals.


Programs Mentioned:


Positive Action



Creative Wealth International

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