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Money! Everyone tells us what we should be doing but few offer us simple, practical advice on how to put an effective money management and wealth building system into place. Indeed, statistics show that the majority of women are not properly preparing for the financial future. Over the years, many moms have asked us to also provide them with critical life skills that Rising Sun Programs - through its signature program, The Wealth Club® - has been successfully providing for youth and young adults.

Women are hungry for and in dire need of tools to create financial security in their lives. Wealth Club Women™ focuses on the underlying belief systems that drive women's thoughts and feelings about money, while teaching time-tested money management and wealth creation principles in a way that is fun, interactive and easy to understand.

Our Approach:

We start by helping you define and recognize your long-held belief system and attitude toward wealth and money.

We show you how to set some objectives for making healthy, better informed changes around your finances, and other areas of wealth and well-being.

We "gently" take you through the basics via our six-hour Foundation Course followed-up with one-hour sessions of your choice that are designed to answer most of your questions and issues. These sessions are coached by Rising Sun Programs® financial literacy educators as well as selected certified financial professionals.

The Foundation Course, introducing our "magical money management system", includes our curriculum. Follow-up sessions for 2012-2013 will be scheduled and organized by Rising Sun Programs® in segments of two-hour sessions with our professional consultants.

We invite you to organize a special group of 24 to 30 women who are committed to taking charge of their financial future. Consider reaching out to women in your place of worship, community organizations, book clubs etc. (Don't forget the young women in your life!) The Rising Sun Programs® team is available to provide services in a variety of venues to facilitate your group's participation in Wealth Club Women™.


" Women are hungry for and in dire need of tools to create financial security in their lives."