Wealth literacy for the world™ - is a simple, yet huge initiative and goal: teaching youth and their families, wherever they may be, how to achieve personal and financial well-being in their lives.


Wealth Literacy for the World Wealth Literacy for the World (455 KB)


Idealistic thinking? Perhaps, however, so was the idea of flight, electricity, walking on the moon and so many other achievements and goals that were envisioned.


Why ‘wealth literacy’

The Wealth Club® is the signature program of a small non-profit without walls ~ Rising Sun Cultural and Educational Programs, Inc. based in Greater Washington D.C.


The Wealth Club® was created to fill an educational void by teaching youth and their families to understand and use wealth literacy as a means to increase their overall quality of life.


By wealth literacy, we mean a supportive, practical and life-transforming curriculum that guides participants to systematically build a lifestyle that supports their well-being.


We focus on:



Over the past ten years, The Wealth Club® has made a measurable difference in the lives of roughly a thousand youth and their families, serving communities ranging from abject poverty to upper-middle class, in the Washington, DC area, Las Vegas, Nevada, Boston, Massachusetts, Portland, Maine, Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya.


This year, our goal is to take our successful, evidence-based teachings and messages of hope, growth and financial sustainability to larger numbers of families. We will train qualified individuals to be coaches, mentors and youth peer educators to deliver much-needed skills within their own communities.



How 2015 and beyond is different

The Wealth Club team believes that in order to redress the much spoken about wealth gap; we must first bridge the financial and wealth literacy education gaps. Our creative programming is specifically designed to engage and guide family members in shifting their long-term behaviors in strategic, doable stages.


Each ‘interdependent community’ will be guided and mentored by trained coaches who help to design and customize ongoing wealth literacy sessions that address identified needs within family units.


By using the most advanced teaching and learning methods today - we will train and prepare coaches to teach The Wealth Club Foundation Course in a face-to-face group format. It will be followed up with in person mentoring and continuing education via Internet as well. With the assistance of collaborating partners, we take into consideration the needs, interests and logistical abilities of the different interdependent communities. Our initial goal is to identify and reach more family communities than ever before in Greater Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County as well as our sister communities in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Families will take what they learn and experience and make it actionable and attainable in their everyday lives. This is a thrilling and empowering collective endeavor with exponential possibilities and outcomes.


What our proposed scheduling looks like

Phase OneThe Wealth Club Coach & Peer Educator Training Camps


WASHINGTON DC Area – 2015 Schedule 

August 2015 Training TBD

Las Vegas, Nevada – 2015 Schedule


August 2015 Training TBD

Phase TwoThe Wealth Club Experience – Foundation Courses: Tentatively September and November 2015.


You Can Help!

Join us in our vision to make wealth literacy for the world™ a reality, one interdependent community at a time by:



Thank you for your support!


Thank you to those who gave a much appreciated donation during Rising Sun Program’s wealth literacy campaign. Our self-funded 192 mile, 13-day Coast-to-Coast Walk across England, May 18-30, 2015 was an astounding accomplishment and success. We hope you were able to follow our progress, if not, view our journey now !

We shared wealth literacy principles along the way via our daily journal with individuals like yourself as well as a blog for school children who learned practical lessons about how to apply these skills with interactive questions for their parents and teachers.

Your donation supports programming for many underserved youth and their parents to have access to critical life skills that enable them to understand and manage financial and personal well-being. As a family and community unit, individuals are empowered to begin changing their mindsets and belief systems as critical keys for change.

We will periodically keep you abreast of the exciting developments that are planned for 2015-2016 and beyond. 

Warm regards,

The Wealth Club Team


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